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Analysis of E-Commerce Data: Ratings
This is the second post I've written using the dataset “Sales of summer clothes in E-commerce Wish” …
Analysis of E-Commerce Data: Profile Pictures
When setting up an e-commerce account, it may seem like common sense to ensure that your merchant …
Excel Tip: Exporting Modules
Just a quick update here as I came across something that should be pretty interesting for anyone …
Excel Formula: Index Match
A common task when working in Microsoft Excel, or any other spreadsheet tool, is joining data from …



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Forecasting, budgeting, modeling, analysis, bookkeeping


Identify your business goals and develop plans to achieve them


Implement a new software or platform to streamline a process

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Dustin Kelly, MBA

The founder and principal of 306 Consulting, Dustin has experience as a Financial Analyst in logistics, utilities, and manufacturing, he also has worked as a Data Analyst in financial services and eCommerce.

After enlisting in 2007, Dustin served two combat deployments with the United States Marine Corps Infantry, one to Iraq, and one to Afghanistan. He left the Marine Corps in 2011 as a Sergeant, with two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and an Honorable Discharge. Dustin’s barracks building on Camp Lejeune, FC-306, supplied the name for 306 Consulting.


  • BBA – Finance and Business Economics, Ohio University – 2015
  • MBA – Organizational Leadership, Wilmington University – 2018

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